Planning Board/Zoning Board of Appeals

The Planning Board is appointed for a 5 year term. The Zoning Board is appointed for a 5 year term.  The members of the Planning Board as well as the Zoning Board of Appeals make decisions of major importance to our community. These decisions can affect the function and appearance of the Town for decades to come. The following Board members take their jobs seriously and are in need of assistance from the town residents to tackle the tasks of property protection for all residences in the Town of Fremont.

Subdivision process:  Planning Board meetings will be held when needed on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM. Two (2) week prior to a scheduled meeting applicant must provide five (5) copies of the tax map showing adjoining parcels and right of way, deed and cover letter for each planning board member. Applicant requesting subdivision should be present at the meeting when possible and/or submit a concise letter explaining in detail the parcel(s) being subdivided.

The Planning Board consist of 5 members appointed by the Town Board and the Zoning Board consist of 5 members, current Board members are:


Planning Board Meeting Minutes

Zoning Board Meeting Minutes